Developmental Trauma Summer Webinar Series



Join Melissa Sadin, Jane Evans and Dr.Vaughn Lauer once again for this exciting summer series!

August 26th 4:00pm Eastern – Part 3

Finally, based on your questions and comments we are excited to announce that our third webinar, in our series on children with developmental trauma and schools, Jane, Vaughn, and Melissa will answer those questions that we could not get to in our last webinars and with a more detail . As always we will provide you the opportunity to ask questions of the panel.

Recording of the July 23rd 4:00pm Eastern – Part 2

In our second webinar in the series, Melissa, Vaughn, and Jane meet with Christine Cissy White, mother, author, activist and survivor of childhood trauma. Tune in to hear Cissy describe how she felt as a child living with trauma. Hear her describe what teachers did to help her heal an how she overcame her adversity to become a loving mother to her adopted daughter and a successful author.


Recording of the June 23rd – Part 1 Presentation  with Godwin Higa.

Watch our conversation with Mr. Godwin Higa who is the principal of the Cherokee Point Elementary School in San Diego, CA. He recently transformed his entire school climate into a place where children with developmental trauma achieve academically and behaviorally. Hear what led Mr. Higa to make the change and what strategies he and his teachers use to support children with trauma.

July 27, 2015

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