Financial Literacy: Increasing Your Knowledge to Take Charge of Your Finances


Often due to misinformation, or lack of information, people who receive SSI (Supplemental Security Income) or SSDI (Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), their family members and service providers often believe the individual cannot save or their benefits will be lost.  Understanding the differences between the two benefits is key to understanding the options available.

This curriculum—designed for direct support professionals, individuals with disabilities and their families—offers four separate lessons that describe the options available to a person who receives SSI and for a person who receives SSDI.  If the individual receives both, then the information in the lesson for people on SSI would be the one to explore.   Viewers may be surprised to learn there are actually a number of options available to people who receive Social Security Disability benefits!

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Show me the Money SSI 00:24:00
Show Me the Money SSDI 00:23:00
SSI and Working 01:05:00
SSDI and Working 01:05:00

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  1. Financial Literacy: Increasing your knowledge to take charge of your finances


    This course was very helpful in understanding the affects of working while receiving SSI and SSDI.

  2. 4

    The information was presented in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. It was well paced. I like that one can return and review the information, especially to get form numbers etc.

  3. Very Informative


    Very informative online course. I learned a great deal about IRWE and SGA. In the field I am in most of my clients receive SSI and SSDI so the knowledge I have gained through this course is very beneficial.

  4. Lots of information in a short timeframe


    I absolutely love this course. A lot of information in a short amount of time. I appreciate the visual input as well as auditory for understanding. This is a tough subject for many people yet it was delivered in an easy to understand manner. I will definitely be sharing with my staff across the country. Great for employment staff and residential providers along with families/guardians and of course individuals who may receive funding this way. I plan to refer back to it myself.

  5. Financial Literacy


    Was a very informative course. Lots of very helpful and detailed information.

  6. Very Informative


    Very knowledgeable and valuable information.

  7. Financial Literacy: Increasing your knowledge to take charge of your finances


    Good information on how benefits relates to work. I have had several parents say they did not want their daughter/son working before they were afraid they would lose their benefits.

  8. Financial Literacy


    This was very informative.

  9. Financial Literacy: Increasing Your Knowledge to Take Charges of Your Finances


    Great presentation, easy to listen to, and explained in layman’s terms.

  10. 1

    Very boring and lacking interaction or energy to stay engaged.

  11. good review


    For me, this was a lot of review of information. Good overview.

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