Happy Parents, Happy Kids.


    This program offers a unique, in-home and tailored approach to understanding and dealing with your child’s challenging behaviors. It’s designed to take your current behavior management skills to a whole new level and make your dream of handling your child’s behaviors with less stress and more finesse a reality! The entire course comes in 4 modules/parts, originally designed to be delivered weekly but you can access each module as you wish.

    As part of this course, you are invited to join an open and ongoing Q & A session via a private Facebook group. This will enable you to ask questions and get advice from me. In addition, there are a few bonuses included with this program:

    A Tracking System Guide for behavior

    A Self-care audio recording that will help you establish or enhance your self-care routine along with a self-care inventory to access your current self-care

    This entire program is designed to help you develop functional ways to prevent challenging behaviors and manage them effectively when they occur.

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    • 10 Days

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