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Dohn Hoyle


Dohn Hoyle is the Executive Director of The Arc of Michigan and long-time advocate for the rights of people with disabilities. A respected leader and innovator in the disability movement, Dohn helped to rewrite the Michigan Mental Health Code to include person-centered planning and to eliminate the term mental retardation; was instrumental in the closure of specialized nursing homes for children and people with developmental disabilities, and the Regional Centers for People with Developmental Disabilities in his state. Dohn has provided leadership on issues regarding the overuse of guardianships, person-centered planning, self-determination, inclusive education, services/supports for people with developmental disabilities, eliminating the use of seclusion and restraint in school and adult systems; criminal justice issues, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, SSI/SSDI hearings and appeals; and estate planning. Dohn convenes the Howell Group, an organization of people across Michigan who intend to see that people with disabilities have the opportunity to experience what we know is right and they desire, and Advocates Concerned with Integrated Care, a group of disability organizations representing the concerns of persons who are eligible for Medicaid and Medicare and receive supports and services to maintain themselves in the community, with regard to Michigan’s efforts to establish an Integrated Care Plan. Currently a member of TASH’s Human Rights Committee, Dohn is Chair of its Subcommittee on Rethinking Guardianship.